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Tattooing/piercing safety and parental concent
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Tattooing/piercing safety and parental concent
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What you should know before you go

Does your artist understand the universal procautions for disease control?
Do they use speedstick?
Answer the phone while wearing dirty gloves?
Smoke while working?
Eat while working?
Can he/she explain how an auto-clave works and why spores tests are necessary?
And you're still going to this person?!
Just kidding, but seriously, you would not believe how many people open tattoo/ body piercing studios without actually knowing anything about the business, let alone the differance between clean and sterile.
Always ask about sterilization, (chemical is OK, autoclave is better, both is best!), how many times the needles are used, and who trained your artist.
People who tell you they worked for some guy in Arizona, without remembering the guys name, or they give you only names of dead artists, or better yet, that they learned to tattoo in jail, (there are no tattoo classes in prisons), are people who you should politely wave to as you run for your life from their places of business.