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Jim Peters Ink Illustrations Tattoo Gallery

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Necklaces, bracelets, and earings

Want a new tattoo but afraid that your Mom will kill you when she finds out?
Not a problem!  Stop on by and pick up a new necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings for your beloved Mother.
Made of precious metals, pearls, and semi-precious stones, your Mom will love them!
A little something for Mom will show you where thinking about her, just before you jumped into the chair and got that tattoo!
Sure, a piece of jewelry might not save your life, but it'll make your Mom happy, and may be soften the blow when you finally show her that new tattoo.

Aventurine and silver set
17 inch necklace, 7 inch bracelet. Sold as set or seperately.

Peach f.w. Pearls with silver and garnet
17 inch necklace

Pearls and silver
17 inch neclace

Shell, silver and amethyst
7 inch bracelet

Shell and 14 k gold.
7 inch bracelet

This is just a small sample or our collection which is growing daily.
You never know what you'll find here.  Hell!  We never know what we'll find.