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Waikiki HAWAII

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Aloha, and welcome to beautiful Oahu!


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Pali Lookout.  Though the beaches can be hot and sunny, the lookout tends to be chilly and very windy. When this pic was taken, the wind ripped the disk from my camera and sent it flying!


Diamondhead.  From the beach, like I said, hot and sunny.  This was taken the same day as the Pali Lookout pic.  Notice the differance in the sky.


Skin Deep Tattoo Studio.  Now Waikikis oldest studio, and one of it's most famous!  Some 25 years, same location, same owner. So hot a spot that even Guicci just had to get as close as possible.


It's the Skin Deep gang! We have guest artist Christine tattooing Manager Anna.  That's Jim there also.  In the background tattoo legend Danny Williams pays a visit.  And of course, the back of Bill Funks head. 

Hey look everybody!  It's Mike Brown.  He's been tattooing longer than Hawaii's been a state!  Well I don't know that for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised!  There's more working experience in this guys hands than in most studios.