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Jim Peters Ink Illustrations Tattoo Gallery


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What better way to utilize the popularity of your site than to hock the stuff you dont want any more? And to that end I give you, The Ink Illustrantions Garage Sale!
Here you'll find Flash, not drawings your bro did on an envelope, but things like 20 sheets of laminated wall size Kanji by Hoss.  8 sheets of laminated wall sized Celtic that everybody recognizes but no one can tell you who drew them.  5 sheets of laminated wall sized flash by Phil Girard.  And Cherry Creek, J.D. Crowe, Edward Lee and many others.
Also older flash by Mike Malone, Jack Armstrong, Philadelphia Eddie and others.


Tattoos, (and piercings), ya gotta come into the shops for.
Machines and other supplies, we can send through the mail!
We don't have a supply of machines waiting for orders to come in.
We build 'em one at a time. The way they were meant to be built. 8, 10 or 12 wrap, double or single coil.

$150 for a Jack Armstrong machine. These are an old fashoined machine,8-10 wrap, no fancy molding, or pretty brass that needs to be polished. Jack won't have any of that!

$200 for your basic Jim Peters machine. Also 10-12 wrap, usually a black frame, but we would consider a differant color, as long as you pick a good one, (no pink machines!).

$300 for a side by side, and this machine is left looking slightly rough, just like the original, and is an outliner *only*.

An example of the Jack Armstrong and side by side can be seen in Lyle Tuttles Tattoo Museum in San Fransico.

We also offer power packs for these machines. We have a basic power pack, that is small enough to hide in a draw or take up very little room in your work space.
We also have a battery pack power pack. You can plug it in and use it, or charge it up and take it with you. It will easily run for hours on a full charge.


tattoo machine with blue coils

Here ya have a basic Jim Peters machine. Nothing fancy, just a hard working, smooth running machine.


And this is a Jack Armstrong machine. You'll note the easiely readable signature.

Either of these machines can be tuned for outlining, shading or both!