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Mr. P. Kittys' Creepy Cottage

Moved by the spirits

Jack and his family trudged on.

And though the woods where thick and foreboding,


sounds of laughter in the distance drew them on.  Luckly it wasn't long til they came to walk way that led to the Creepy Cottage.


The cottage was bustling with activity.  And why wouldn't it be, with Halloween just around the corner.  Jack saw a gargoyle flapping his wings, lightly fanning the flames under a bubbling cauldron.  Nearby tall robed figure directed a parade of ghosts and goblins toward the front walkway.
Carved pumpkins glowed and winked at Jack as he passed.  The robed figure cocked it's head and pointed a boney finger at the gate.
"Feel free to pass Jack." it groaned, "We've been expecting you."
The gate creaked open as Jack reached for it and when he stepped onto the walk, a moaning could be heard.  It grew louder and louder.  "Ooooooooooooo000! Oh! Hello."  Waved a ghost floating above the porch, "you must be Jack."   The black cat by his side purred a hissy hello.


From the graveyard in the corner came a choir of welcoming shouts and whistles.
"Oh Jack, we thought you'd never make it!"  Said a tall, dark gentlemen holding a lantern.
"Now we can finally get to work.  We've been preparing for a long time now.  Since last Halloween as a matter of fact."
"Preparing for what?"  Jack asked.
"For your arrival Jack."  answered the dark gentlemman.
"And now that you are finally here, our work can begin."