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Mr. P. Kittys' Creepy Cottage

About Us

Those of us who now call the Cottage home, had spent the years of our youth traveling the globe meeting people and their pets,


been invited to many a friendly BBQ,


And had ourselves a grand ol' time doing it!
But now it's time to settle down and get to work.

We like to keep busy, otherwise life becomes so boring.  That and if you look busy the ghosts won't spook you.  So we make things.  Big things, little things, happy things, not so happy things.  You know, whatever haunts our dreams.


Our Company

We keep a company of critters on hand at all times.
Because we just can't seem to get rid of most of them.

Our Employees

We have many employees whose diverse specialties help us make a wide variety of Halloween themed items.  From the tiniest imp to tall stately Grim Reapers.  We here at the Cottage pride ourselves on our uniqueness, being the only equal opportunity employer who hire not only the living, but the dead and the undead too!