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Mr. P. Kittys' Creepy Cottage

Things that go bump in the night

From his very earliest days in the pumpkin patch,  Jack O' Lantern knew he was destinted for greatness.  But first he'll need to convince everbody else.

Jack's a hard working pumpkin.  Born in the family patch, he spent his days like most tiny pumpkins, lazing in the sun, playing peek-a-boo behind the leaves and growing fat and bright.


But Jack always felt a little differant from the other pumpkins.  While they spent the nights dreaming of pies and cookies and everything sweet, his dreams where equally delightful if not so nice.
So that when the cool of autumn came with the dusk, he knew what to do.
Late one night, he gathered his family, and set out from the field and into the woods beyond.  Drawn to some unknown point far from all he had known.

The path was easy enough to follow, and though the graveyard was not quite as empty as it first appeared, the spooks and specters kept to themselves for the most part.



Although they did appear very friendly and happy.




It wasn't long before they came across the witch who did indeed ask if they wanted a tatse of what she was cooking.  And then seemed highly disappointed when Jack declined.
But she assured them the Cottage was just ahead


It wasn't long before Jack and his troop stumbled apon an old white cat sitting on a log.


"Hello."  Jack said, but the Cat barely spared him a glance.   "Um, I wonder if you can help us." he continued.
"My family and I are lost. Is there a garden around here?  Maybe a shed?" he asked hopefully.
The Cat looked him up and down with a certain amount of disinterest.
"Are you looking for the cottage?"  He asked in a deep, breathy voice, then added, "I think you are."
The Cat motioned to a path that suddenly revealed itself through the tangle of the woods.
"Follow the path through the graveyard and past the witch.  Don't worry about her, she isn't dangerous, but it would be best if you declined her offer of a taste of what's she cooking.  It's her laundry."